OCM Program

The OCM program is designed to encourage high school students to participate in one of the many service opportunities that exist not only within Ozone, but throughout the local community. Service can be done in many ways: within the body as well as outside; both through actions and prayer. Ozone Ministries has partnered with several different organizations to give students a broad range of service opportunities such as assisting in coaching a youth sports team, providing after-school tutoring and/or being a mentor. We want to provide you with opportunities to serve your local community.

Commitment and Benefits

(1-10 Hours Of Service)

Membership track

Learn how to disciple others

Gain experience leading and mentoring kids in the local community

Include service experience and leadership on your resume as a “member” of OCM

Develop leadership skills by volunteering as a Middle School Ozone leader

Build community with peers by attending an OCM bible study meetings once a month

(10+ Hours Of Service)

Leadership track

All of Track 1 “benefits”

Serve on the OCM Student Leadership Advisory Board

Assist in planning the Mission Trip

Attend Camp Ozark’s “Ozark For All” session as a Junior Leader-in-Training (optional)