Thank you for your interest in a Fast Pass Camper Pick-Up supporting Ozone Ministries! At this time, we will be releasing Fast Pass Registration on a session-by-session basis. Please check back as your session nears for the most up-to-date information and registration options.  


Closing Day is incomparable at Camp Ozark and our hope is always that families can be a part of the experience. Please know that our highest priority is maintaining a "bubble of safety" to protect our campers and summer staff. Fast Pass is currently available for those parents interested in and eligible for the "Traditional Private Auto" camper pick up. No Express Private Auto Fast Pass is available at this time. For more information on your travel options, please logon to your MyOzark Dashboard and reference the "Travel Home" section. With Traditional Private Auto Fast Pass service, each camper family may have up to 4 verified family members attend Closing Day. Please see below for the specific screening parameters for these visiting family members.



Vaccinated Family Members: Camp Ozark will allow each camper family to have up to four vaccinated family members attend Closing Day in-person. Vaccinated individuals must provide a COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card and matching photo ID (two shots for Moderna and Pfizer; one shot for Johnson and Johnson; completed two weeks prior to arriving at camp). Face coverings are not required for vaccinated individuals. All individuals can, of course, elect to wear face coverings if they so choose. 



Positive COVID-19 Antibody Family Members: For unvaccinated individuals, Camp Ozark will allow each camper family to have up to four family members attend Closing Day in-person who have tested positive for COVID-19 antibodies. Although each camper family is allowed four family members, all four visitors can be unvaccinated family members so long as each shows proof of their positive COVID-19 antibody test(s). Family members entering with a positive COVID-19 antibody test, must take a COVID-19 antibody test no earlier than 14 days prior to arrival at camp and provide proof of their positive COVID-19 antibody test and photo ID upon arrival. Face coverings are strongly suggested while interacting with Camp Ozark Staff, unless vaccinated. All individuals can, of course, elect to wear face coverings if they so choose.


Test-In Family Members: For those who cannot show proof of COVID-19 vaccination or positive COVID-19 antibodies, Camp Ozark will allow up to two of the permitted four family members to test-in so they may also attend Closing Day in-person. Each test-in family member must be (1) an immediate family member of the camper(s) and (2) each must take a COVID-19 test no earlier than 48 hours prior to arrival at camp (Thursday or Friday) while also providing the negative test results to Camp Ozark upon arrival. Children five years old and under do not need to have proof of a negative COVID-19 test. Acceptable COVID-19 tests are those obtained at a testing site and include a Rapid Antigen test, PCR test, or oral/saliva test. At this time, at-home COVID-19 tests are not acceptable. Face coverings are strongly suggested while interacting with Camp Ozark Staff, unless vaccinated.



Before completing your Fast Pass purchase, here, please logon to your MyOzark Dashboard and finalize your "Travel Home" information by selecting "Private Auto," and then "Traditional" from the respective drop-down menus. You will then be prompted to fill in and submit information on your visiting family members.  Continue reading below for specific information on the Fast Pass Camper Pick-up Program!


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Fast Pass Camper Pick-Up is a fundraiser benefitting Ozone Ministries, a stand-alone 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that operates within the Camp Ozark Foundation. All proceeds from Fast Pass will go to the Ozone Ministries Annual Fund, and a large portion of your payment will be tax-deductible ($480 of your $500 purchase). To learn more about the organization, visit the Ozone Ministries website here!



What does a Fast Pass include? On Closing Day, you can skip the lines at the satellite lot and proceed directly through the front gates of Camp Ozark. Upon arrival, and after getting checked in and verified, you will be valeted to your camper's cabin (unless it is within walking distance) or the location of your choice. In the meantime, we will load your car with your camper(s)' luggage. During the Closing Day Ceremony, you will have premium reserved seating in the front of the family seating area. When the ceremony concludes, you and your party will check out at the Fast Pass station nearby and your packed car will be valeted to you while you enjoy a nice, cool refreshment! Having beat the line, you're ready to drive out the gate and head straight home... or to the Dairyette for a shake! Don't miss this chance to do Closing Day in style, all while supporting a worthy cause. A Fast Pass can be yours today for $500 ($480 of which is tax-deductible). 




RESTRICTIONS: Each Fast Pass covers ONE FAMILY or ONE CAR with no more than THREE CAMPERS. If your pick-up will include more than 3 campers (unless all campers are immediate family), additional payment will be required. Thank you for understanding. 



**We also offer a Mt. Ida Airport Fast Pass for $600 ($570 of which is tax-deductible). Service is for the Mount Ida airport only. If interested, please contact Ali Monk for more information. 


QUESTIONS? Contact Ali Monk at [email protected] or (870) 867-4131, ext: 2206 or Maggie Shipley at [email protected] or (870) 867-4131, ext: 2205.

Sunday, May 30, 2021 - 1:00pm to Saturday, August 7, 2021 - 8:00am