Thank you for your interest in a Fast Pass Camper Pick-Up supporting Ozone Ministries! At this time, state regulators do not allow any camp families on camp premises for Closing Day. We strongly encourage our families to take advantage of the convenient charter bus options available for your camper's travel home. As such, the Fast Pass program is not open to all visiting families at this time. As our information and directives from the Arkansas State Department evolve and change, we will continue to update this site on Fast Pass availability. We apologize for the inconvenience, and appreciate your understanding. 


In lieu of supporting Ozone Ministries through the Fast Pass Program, historically the largest fundraiser of the year, we encourage you to consider making a contribution, in any amount, online here.

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Don't miss your chance to do Camp Ozark Closing Day in style! Check back soon to get your Fast Pass Camper Pick-Up, benefitting Ozone Ministries.


Fast Pass Camper Pick-Up is a fundraiser benefitting Ozone Ministries, a stand-alone 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that operates within the Camp Ozark Foundation. All proceeds from Fast Pass will go to the Ozone Ministries Annual Fund, and a large portion of your payment will be tax-deductible ($480 of your $500 purchase). To learn more about the organization and what your contribution will do to further the spiritual development of our youth in Texas, Louisiana, and Arkansas take a look around Ozone's website here!


What does a Fast Pass include? On Closing Day, you can skip the lines at the satellite lot and proceed directly through the front gates of Camp Ozark. Upon arrival, you will be valeted to your camper's cabin (unless it is within walking distance) or the location of your choice. In the meantime, we will do the heavy lifting and load your car with your camper(s)' luggage. During the Closing Day Ceremony, you will have premium reserved seating in the front of the family seating area... a perfect place for snapping pictures of your camper(s)! When the ceremony concludes, you and your party will check out at the Fast Pass station nearby and your packed car will be valeted to you while you enjoy a nice, cool refreshment! Having beat the line, you're ready to drive out the gate and head straight home... or to the Dairyette for a shake! Don't miss this chance to do Closing Day in style, all while supporting a worthy cause. 


A Fast Pass can be yours for only $500!  Simply re-visit this website to register and process your online payment. And don't forget, $480 of your payment will be considered tax-deductible. Spots are limited, and we do sell out, so don't wait! 


RESTRICTIONS: Each Fast Pass covers ONE FAMILY or ONE CAR with no more than THREE CAMPERS. If your pick-up will include more than 3 campers (unless all campers are immediate family), additional payment will be required. Thank you for understanding. 

**We also offer a Mt. Ida Airport Fast Pass for $600 ($570 of which is tax-deductible). Service is for the Mount Ida airport only. If interested, please contact Ali Monk for more information. 


QUESTIONS? Contact Ali Monk at [email protected] or (870) 867-4131, ext: 2206