"Ozone has played a vital role in my journey as a believer and has shaped my view of the importance of christian mentorship. Hilary Schultz and Ali Monk were both my ozone leaders growing up and they have become true of my dearest and best friends! They poured into me throughout different stages of my life and spoke truth into my life when I could not see truth. I was a part of both of their weddings and they were both in mine! Ozone is such an important and impactful ministry that cultivates lifelong friendships! The Lord is so faithful through his pursuit of us and uses people of all ages to show us his love, devotion, joy, and grace! Now I have the chance and opportunity to meet and mentor young and older women in Austin- I like to call it the "ripple effect". The outpour and sharing of our faith journeys allows for us to grow in gratitude for all that the Lord has done and is doing! I am so grateful for Ozone and the dedicated leaders who pour out themselves to children and families of all ages!"

Maggie Buscha, Memorial Ozone 2006-2013, 6th Grade Literature Teacher - Regents School of Austin

"I'll forever be thankful for Ozone. To this day, I'm still close with my Ozone leaders (shout out Brad Beasley and Ben Monk) and I grew close with some of my lifelong friends because of Ozone. Ozone to me was always a special place of peace and relaxation - a place that I could go have fun, forget about the stress of our crazy lives and grow in my relationship with the Lord alongside some of my close friends. Looking back, I'm thankful because Ozone provided a strong foundation for me going into college. Without that foundation, it would've been so easy to get lost in what you're doing and fall into the wrong crowd. I'm very thankful for my time with Ozone and will forever cherish the lifelong relationships formed as a result of Ozone."

Patrick Christie, Memorial Ozone 2006-2013, Oil and Gas Finance - Denver

"Ozone gave me the opportunity to have a space in high school. I was able to make close friendships with people I would not have met otherwise. Ozone made me feel like I belonged somewhere when I did not feel that at school or at home. Lastly ozone showed me what it was like to live my life as a Christian in a setting other than church."

Kelly Cumming, West U Ozone 2011-2014, Grad School at Texas Tech Health Science Center - Molecular Pathology

"I met one of my best friends during my time attending ozone, who throughout the years has continued to be one of my closest friends. The two of us have also continued a friendship with our ozone leader and enjoy getting to spend time with one another to this day."

Ben Wells,  West U Ozone 2009-2015, Bayor University '19

"I showed up to Ozone for the first time at the end of my sophomore year of high school – I was pretty shy and knew maybe 3 people, including the friend who brought me. Little did I know, Ozone would play an important role in my development as a high schooler, and woman of God. Not only did Ozone provide a safe environment for me to be myself, but it also acted as a catalyst in developing true friendships founded on and guided by Christ… a type of friendship that was new to me. For one of the first times I felt seen, heard, and known by those around me. I attribute this largely to Ali Monk, my then Ozone leader, and now years later, one of my dearest, most cherished friends. She points me towards Christ time and time again through the example she sets in the way she loves others and loves me. She has consistently revealed God to me more so than any other event or individual I have encountered throughout my life. While I’m years out from Ozone, my gratitude for it has only grown as I still see its influence continue to impact my life. Ozone, and those I met through Ozone, have absolutely changed the trajectory of my life in so many capacities—for that I will always be so, so endlessly grateful."

Madeleine Jordan, Memorial Ozone 2011-2013, Social Work Counselor at MD Anderson Cancer Center

"Ozone/my Ozone leaders, paired with Camp Ozark is where I can truly say that my faith was established and cemented. Between Brad Beasley and Ben Monk, my Ozone leaders throughout most of my time in middle school and high school, pouring into me through the traditional Thursday night Ozones, or the weekly Bible studies, or the dinners or weekends that we got to spend time with them, they helped shape my understanding of what it looked like to be a God fearing Man. Ozone was where I found community, where I grew some of my best friendships even to this day, was a place I looked forward to coming to throughout the whole week, and was where I felt encouraged and desired to continue to grow in my relationship with the Lord. It was a safe haven away from all the traditional noise that comes with high school, where we could escape and partake in friendships/relationships that were eternal. It really gave me a good understanding of how I wanted to approach life, especially before something as shifty as college. I am forever thankful for Ozone and how big of a role it played in my life spiritually, mentally, physically, emotionally and competitively. Let’s continue to grow Ozone and continue to make an impact in more and more kids’ life!"

Aaron Sunstrum, Memorial Ozone 2006-2013, Texas A&M '17, Business Consulting - Houston

"Even starting way back in 7th grade, Ozone shaped me into the man I am today. The men and women who were my Ozone leaders had a profound impact on my development as a man of God. They constantly lived, shared and taught the Gospel to me. I still keep in touch with these guys like; Ben Monk, Anthony Lane, Josh Allred. They all continue to pour into me and mentor me as we navigate life. Ozone was an incredible foundation for my young faith to be grown with friends and leaders who all wanted to see the Lord’s will be done. I have never been to Camp Ozark, but I am headed to camp after I graduate from the Air Force Academy to be a Camp Counselor for 4 weeks before I report to my first Duty Station. Even though I have never been to camp, I have been around guys that work for Ozone and Ozark and I want to be more like them and make a difference in the lives of kids at camp and beyond. Ozone shaped me into the man I am today and those leaders and friends that I met through Ozone are still instrumental in my life and my walk with The Lord."

Houston Tarwater, Memorial Ozone 2010-2016, Air Force Academy '20, 2nd Lieutenant and a TACP Officer in the Air Force

"Katherine Christie was my Ozone Bible study leader from my freshman to junior year of high school. She was someone I always admired and looked up to at Camp Ozark during the summers, but because I was a shy and timid kid, I always figured she was always too cool to be friends with me. This was the attitude I had towards most friendships in high school and I remember when she first agreed to lead a bible study with us on Tuesday mornings, I was so nervous that she wouldn't like me. But Katherine began to invest in us by waking up early for Corner Bakery oatmeal every Tuesday morning and it soon became my favorite part of the week for the next three years. She taught me how to be confident in ways that I didn't even recognize until I went to college. I really struggled my first semester of freshman year and, 4 years later, she was still always there to listen and support me through whatever was going on. She even introduced me to my big in Kappa, who was another one of her Ozone girls, which has been one of the most fruitful friendships I have ever made. The relationships I began building my freshman year of high school through Ozone have lasted until now and I have no doubt they will only continue to grow."

Peyton Childress, Memorial Ozone 2013-2017, Accounting and Finance - Baylor Universitiy, JP Morgan - Summer 2020