Thank you for your interest in participating in The Ozone Super Bowl Square Fundraiser!

We are looking forward to another great match up at Super Bowl 52 on Sunday, February 4th. In addition to the fierce competition on the field, we are hosting some friendly competition in support of a GREAT cause, Ozone Ministries! 


Squares will be sold for $25 a piece until 24 hours prior to kick-off.  Note that all squares must be paid-in-full to be considered eligible for placement at 5:30pm on Saturday, February 3rd (24 hours before kick-off).  At that time, numbers 0-9 will be randomly assigned across the board for Team 1 and down the board for Team 2. The squares will then be randomly assigned within the board for each purchaser. Once the board has been set, you will receive a digital copy via email so that you know which squares you "own," and what score you will be rooting for during the game. 

The person who owns the winning square at the conclusion of the game will receive 20% of the total pot, and the person holding the reverse of that square will receive 5%! As an example, if the final score is Team 1: 24-Team 2: 20, the person who owns the Team 1:4/Team 2:0 square will be the big winner, and the person who owns the reverse (Team 1:0/Team 2:4) will receive 5% of the total pot. If you are not one of the winners receiving a payout, your purchase will be considered tax-deductible, as Ozone Ministries is a non-profit organization. 

The more squares purchased... the bigger the reward, so feel free to share this with friends, family and co-workers and help Ozone Ministries raise some money, while also increasing your potential winnings! Help us sell out the 100 squares and turn your $25 purchase into $500!!!


Interested? Fill out the form below and process your payment through PayPal or by mailing a check (more information provided after form submission)

Questions? Contact Chris Ormiston at